Another Covid-19 Shortage: Electrical Outlets

electrical outlet

We have been getting a lot of calls lately from homeowners looking for an electrician in Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach or some other nearby South Florida community to add additional electrical outlets so they can plug in or charge all the equipment they are now using at home. In many cases, adding extra outlets can also mean an electrical panel change.

Working from home, remote learning, doing your workouts from home, streaming more movies – you name it, just about everything we have been doing this year, we have been doing from home. And just about everything we have been doing needs to be plugged in.


If you have been struggling to find a place to plug in the equipment you need to turn your home into a workspace, hub for distance learning or even just an entertainment destination, you are not alone. Families all across the country are trying to adapt as the Covid-19 pandemic has made staying home the smart thing to do.

“Elizabeth Stuart, an interior designer in Charleston, S.C., says her business from residential clients is up 50 percent as homeowners and new buyers rush to redesign their spaces for a new era,” the New York Times reports. “Clients are looking for ways to accommodate multiple workstations in a home, expand high speed internet, and improve ventilation and soundproofing.”

“It’s crazy to be thinking like this but that’s the reality of it,” Stuart told the NYT. “Necessity is the mother of invention. You’re figuring out right now what you need and what you wish you had.”

Whether you are adding on more space, transforming a storage area into a work station or enhancing your gaming capabilities at your home in South Florida, an electrician will definitely be part of the plan.

If you would like some information about electrical upgrades to your Delray Beach or Highland Beach home or want to know if a panel change will be needed for your proposed plans, please contact us at (561) 303-5475.