EV charging Station installations in Deerfield Beach, FL

Home EV Charging Stations

Although it is possible to charge your electric vehicle using a standard outlet, the process is faster and more efficient when you have an electric vehicle charging station installed at home. You also save time and avoid the hassle of finding and using public EV chargers.

Home EV charging station benefits:

  • Less dependence on public charging stations
  • Charge your vehicle overnight
  • Fast charging time in as little as three hours

Types of EV Chargers

Slowest Charging – Level 1: Basic EV charging uses the average 120-volt electrical service that is found in most homes.

Faster Charging – Level 2: Charge your vehicle faster without needing public charging stations. The Level 2 EV charger requires a 240-volt circuit to power your vehicle in the fastest and most efficient way. You will need to have a circuit installed to provide the necessary power, and this work should only be performed by a properly trained and qualified professional electrician.

Fastest Charging – Level 3: Also called DC fast chargers, these are the fastest way to charge an electric vehicle at home. While typically found at commercial charging stations near major highways, but many people are installing these at home, too.

Emerald Isle Electric will help you evaluate the options and choose the best electric vehicle charger option for your home. Our licensed electricians are fully trained and equipped to provide EV charger installation in Palm Beach and Broward Counties with meticulous workmanship and attention to detail.