Portable Generator Installation

If you live in Palm Beach and Broward Counties and are planning ahead for backup power during a failure, call the experts at Emerald Isle Electric. A portable generator that is properly connected to your home’s breaker box can temporarily power your essentials and some minor comforts until power is restored.

The qualified electricians at Emerald Isle Electric will install an inlet box that connects to your home’s electrical breaker box. Your generator cord plugs in to the portable generator at one end and into the inlet box at the other end.

While we do not endorse a specific brand, we do recommend you purchase a generator that can create enough power to meet your goals. You choose a generator that can provide as many watts as possible to your home, with a minimum 30amp 120V/240V outlet. Ideally, choose one with a larger 50 amp outlet. Click here for a Wattage Worksheet from homelite.com. If you have questions, call us today!


Will Your Electric Panel Support The Installation?

If your electric panel is over 15 years old, we don’t feel confident that it will be a reliable portable generator installation. If you need an electric panel upgrade, the licensed electricians at Emerald Isle Electric provide electrical panel repair, replacement, and electrical services upgrades.