Electrical Repairs in Deerfield, FL

At Emerald Isle Electric we understand electrical problems aren’t fun for anyone. They often seem to pop up at the worst possible moment and can cause both comfort and safety issues for your family. If you need electrical repairs in Deerfield Beach, FL, or any of the surrounding communities, we have a trained, certified, and courteous team of electricians to solve your problems and get the juice flowing safely again.

Signs you may need electrical repairs

Signs You May Need an Electrician for Repairs

Flickering Lights and Dead Outlets

Flickering lights and dead outlets can be due to a bad switch or electrical outlet, but more often it is a result of a loose connection between two wires or a wire and an outlet. Loose wire connections can cause electricity to arc between the two connection points and potentially cause a fire risk. If you experience either of these issues turn off the breaker to the problem outlet and give us a call for troubleshooting.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped circuit breakers aren’t always a problem that requires an electrician. Oftentimes a tripped breaker is the result of an overloaded circuit. If you have too many things plugged into a single circuit it can cause an overload, removing or relocating some of these things to another circuit can solve this problem. If there is no other circuit available, and you need one added, then you should call an electrician. Additional causes of a tripped breaker are a faulty breaker, or a short circuit. These should be addressed by a licensed electrician as soon as possible as they can present a fire risk.

Electrical Panel Upgrades
Shocks When Touching Outlets

Shocks When Touching Outlets or Switches

If you experience a shock when touching an electrical outlet or light switch, you have a serious problem that needs addressing by a professional. Turn off the breaker to the circuit the switch or outlet is on right away as this problem is both a fire risk and a shock risk to your family

Burning Smell

Some burning smells are more troublesome than others. If you just turned on your heat for the first time in a while and smell burning lint this is actually pretty normal and should go away quickly. However if you smell Burning rubber or plastic, and especially if that smell is coming from your outlets or behind your walls, you may have a serious electrical problem on your hands. That smell is the insulation of your wires melting or burning and it can be caused by either arcing electricity or super heated wires. Both causes are massive safety concerns and should be repaired by a certified electrician right away.

Burning smell may require electrical service
Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

Finding the source of an electrical problem is not always an easy task. They like to occur behind outlet covers, inside walls, and in attics and crawl spaces. Tracking down the source of the problem can be difficult for homeowners that lack the equipment and know how to quickly locate and repair these kinds of issues. Our highly trained staff can not only find the problem wherever it lies, but also recommend proper repairs or repair your electrical system promptly and at a fair cost.


Commercial Electric Service

Commercial Electric Service

Our commercial electricians are extensively trained and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver quality electrical repairs and maintenance.

Power Surge: Upgrading your electrical panel

Panel Upgrades

Older homes can struggle to keep up with the electrical demands of today’s electronic devices. Panel upgrades ensure the safety of your home with proper electricity flow management.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscape Lighting Installation

Showcase your property and landscaping while increasing safety and security with quality landscape lighting installed by our skilled electricians.

residential electrical installation

Residential Electrical Installation

Trust our licensed and insured residential electricians to expertly install wall switches and outlets, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, wall mounted TVs, home theaters and more.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations

Investing in an electric car charging station can offer considerable convenience as well as peace of mind. The experienced electricians at Emerald Isle Electric bring that convenience home to you.

Electrical Remodeling and Renovation

Electrical Remodeling and Renovation

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, building an addition, or doing a whole home or business remodeling project, you can count on our expert electricians to get the job done right.

Celling Fan Installation - Emerald Isle Electric

Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation

Improve the energy efficiency and look of your home with an LED lighting upgrade or new lighting fixtures. Save on energy costs with a ceiling fan installation in your bedroom or living areas.

Portable Generator Installation Services

Portable Generator Installation Services

If the power goes out, do you have a backup plan? Emerald Isle Electric offers excellent generators and generator services, including installation and maintenance.

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