Underground Conversions for Electric Power Lines

Power Surge: Upgrading your electrical panel

Wishing you did not have an unsightly power line running to your home from the Street? Underground power lines are more reliable than overhead lines- especially during hurricanes and severe storms affecting your service. A tree limb, severe wind, and debris can cause outages to overhead lines.

Underground lines improve reliability and the overall looks of unsightly power Lines. As with most electrical services, this is a job best left to a qualified electrician. Working with electricity and grounding the line can be dangerous if you do not have the proper training or experience.


We have helped homeowners throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties improve their curb appeal by burying the electric service lines safely underground. If you are interested in an underground conversion, a panel upgrade or any of our electrical services, give Emerald Isle Electric a call today (561) 303-5475!